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-Japan is well-known as a country of long-term health and sustainable beauty. This is also the origin of the unique secret from Microalgae that effectively prevents hair fall right away.

- Tennenbi hair fall control shampoo is a product of Tennebi hair care 3-item set from sun rising kingdom - a delicate creation of award-winning Japanese scientists at the 7th Hair World Competition. It helps provide nutrients for weak, dry, brittle and damaged hair; deeply nourishes hair follicles, prevents hair fall and make your hair thick and silky.

- Tennenbi Shampoo contains the active ingredients of microalgae, those especially live only at the famous Onsen hot spring. The product will help replenish moisture and nutrients to restore hair structure, and make your hair healthy from inside. This is an expensive and rare top-quality medicine that is highly appreciated by Japanese health experts to effectively remove exfoliation, excess oil and dirt from hair and scalp, nourish hair roots, and reproduce horns, make hair thick, and prevent hair fall.

- Tennenbi hair fall control shampoo is the perfect choice for recovering and nourishing healthy hair in long term.


Clean your scalp.

Prevent hair fall.

Restore damage, increase moisture for a natural shiny hair.

* Pellicer, sodium dillauramidoglutamide Lysine: Restores damaged hair instantly and increases moisture

* Hydrolyzed Honey Protein: Restores firmness and health, make smooth and silky hair.

* Extracts from 9 types of plant-derived essential oils: Provides high moisture, antioxidant

* Wet hair

* Take a sufficient amount of product going together with water then gently massage on your hair. Rinse well with water

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(1 review)

dùng xong thấy phát bực vì lên nhiều tóc con quá ^^ gửi lời khen đến bộ dầu gội, dầu xả tennenbi này nhé shop


dùng xong thấy phát bực vì lên nhiều tóc con quá ^^ gửi lời khen đến bộ dầu gội, dầu xả tennenbi này nhé shop

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