Whitening cleanser & Make-up remover

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Origin: Nhật Bản
Dung tích

- Skin care secret from Amino Acid, Enzymes and hydrolyzed Collagen will realize your dream of having clear and purified skin, revitalizing the white skin, maintaining the silky smooth feeling to perfectly protect your skin even in the dry winter and hot summer!

- Tennenbi Wash and Milk Pack is formulated with a formula specialized in intensive cleansing and instant moisturizing that would gently remove dirts, impurities, sebum, makeup and dead skin cell build-up, therefore, offering a healthy, moist, smooth and clean skin 

-Tennenbi wash and milk pack will eliminate the risk of premature skin aging, prevent signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, melasma that appear on the skin surface, as well as enhancing the absorption of nutrients deeply into the skin to improve skin care’s effectiveness.


The 2-in-1 product can completely and effectively cleanse dirt, sebum and makeup residue thanks to amino acid and enzymes extracted from nature. The dual cleaning ability helps to clean the surface of your skin to deep layers, thoroughly cleaning the pores. Maintaining moisture by using natural oil on the skin surface.

- Solouble collagen: which will easily penetrate deeply into the skin to help anti-aging your skin and enhance the skin elasticity

- Glyceryl: Maintaining the moisture and smoothing your skin

- Searic acid: Enhancing the natural protective layer of your skin

- Aspartic acid: promoting metabolism, replenishing energy for skin cells

- Arginine: revitalizing and regenerating skin cells

100% natural ingredients:

No additives, no flavoring, no mineral oil, no coloring agents

Safe for even the most sensitive skin

* Make up cleansing: Use about 3 to 5 pushes to your hands, and let it soften on your face.

Gently massage for around 30 seconds until the makeup or dirt is floated. After that, wash off your face with cotton wool or tissue paper

* Cleanser: Use about 3 to 5 pushes, massage gently from 30 seconds to 1 minute and spread on your face. After that, wash it off with clean water.

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