Toner helps balance moisture, tighten pores from pearls and seaweed

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3,630,000 đ

Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích

Sea Drop Skin Lotion with extract from pearls and marine microorganism has been considered as one of the ocean’s TREASURE for women’s beauty care as well as become one of the indispensable ingredients in the special skin care method for the phenomenon of aging and dark skin.

The composition of pearl powder in the product has the effect of skin regeneration, enhancing your collagen production and anti-aging, penetrating deeply into 3 layers of epidermis to help smooth skin, while blurring the dark pigments on the skin. Marine microbial extracts will penetrate deeply and quickly into the skin, making your skin immediately get enough moisture to bring out a soft, smooth and moist appearance for all day long, preventing the skin from rough, scaly, cracked, itchy and uncomfortable conditions.

Simultaneously, Sea drop skin Lotion is enhanced with nutrients in order to nourish the skin cells inside to be healthier, create an environment for cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients to increase resistance against agents causing external diseases such as dirta, polluted air, climate and sunshine


- Help balancing the skin pH

- Stimulating new cell regeneration, creating an environment for cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients

- Providing moisture, restoring the firmness, elasticity, whitening the skin, preventing from aging and oxidizing.

  •  Pearl Powder (White pearl): restoring & regenerating cells, brightening the skin.
  •  Hyaluronic acid: Super moist, smoothing skin
  •  Chondrus crispus (red algae): rich in fiber, vitamins (A, B, C, E) and minerals that help soothe the skin, replenishing moisture and restructuring cells.
  • Marine microorganisms: providing moisture and firmness for skin.
  • Crithmum maritimum: rich in Vitamin C to prevent against skin inflammation
  •  Pelvetia canaliculata (Brown algae): stimulating collagen production.
  •  Artemia Extract (plankton): anti-inflammatory & limiting the cell decline.
  • Allantoina: promoting cell regeneration, reducing inflammation, healing scars
  •  Niacinamide: brightening the skin, inhibiting the melanin formation.
  •  Pro Vitamin B5: providing moisture and smoothing the skin 
Use after facial cleanser. Take about 2 to 3 pushes to the cotton, gently use your hand to wipe over the face and neck.

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