Mask helps firm and rejuvenate skin from cocoa mud

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3,450,000 đ

Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích

- Cacao Thalissi Bio Fango Marino mud mask is known as a "panacea" for skin with ingredients of cocoa and a rich content of vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin from the inside, restore skin cell system at its best  and revitalize radiant glowing skin.

- In particular, the product contains Flavonoid - a powerful antioxidant, completely destroying free radicals to fight skin aging and protect Collagen system from being damaged by the environmental pollution, blurring wrinkles on the skin.

- The product also combines with Caffeine to stimulate blood circulation and promote the producing new skin cells process, help skin become smooth and bright white. At the same time, it removes toxins, sebum and dirt from pores then shrinks pores, help skin white and smooth.

- Hyaluronic Acid is added to the ingredients to increase the moisture absorption and maintain long-term moisture for skin, making it softer.

- At the same time, Spirulina & Plankton algae extract will optimize the skin's ability to maintain moisture and promote Collagen and Elastin production to for soft, smooth skin and for wrinkles removal. Increasing the protective barrier against harmful agents for healthy skin.

- Cacao Thalissi Bio Fango Marino Mud Mask is considered a perfect biological mud treatment to regenerate your flawless, radiant, elastic and youthful skin.

* Function:

- Strengthen protective barrier on skin. Reduce irritation. Moisturize for smooth, soft skin.

- For firm, elastic skin, anti-aging, tighten the face.

- Reduce dark circles under the eyes. Restores firmness and eliminate toxins. Stimulate blood circulation and produce new cells for smooth and glowing skin.

- Detoxify the skin, remove sebum and dirt from pores to minimize pores, make skin smooth.

- Absorb and maintain moisture and soften the skin

- Promote Collagen and Elastin production to refresh the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

  • Cacao extract: a lot of vitamins and minerals helping prevent high oxidation. Enhance & restore energy to the body. Reduce edema & stimulate blood circulation.
  • Sorbitol sugar: help retain moisture and increase skin firmness and elasticity
  • Caffeine: stimulate blood circulation
  • Spirulina rich in protein, amino acids, vitamin E, F, synthesis of collagen & elastin, antioxidant, increase skin protection barrier
  • Marine microorganisms: provide moisture and keep skin firm
  • Axit Hyaluronic: increase moisture absorption and retain skin moisture

- Mix about 7g (face), 30g (body) with hot water at a ratio of 1: 1

- Apply to the skin area for about 20-30 minutes. In case you want to reduce fat, you can use with a heating pad.

- Then wipe with a towel, not needed to wash or bathe again

- Daily use for face and body

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