Makeup Remover & Skin Balancing

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Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích



Following the life goal of “Clean, green, non-chemical, gentle for skin cosmetic”, Beauty Water is extracted 100% from natural herbal ingredients such as matricaria chamomilla, aloe vera, orange blossom oil... the purest ingredients from the most famous medicinal area in Europe - Murcia Spain with its best climate & soil conditions for growing medicinal herbs.

Cultivated on immense fertile matricaria chamomilla fields under natural conditions without using pesticides, chemicals. The chamomilla petals will be carefully picked by hand during the most beautiful sunny season, when they are in full bloom of its vigor and ready to be gathered, then they are extracted into purest yellow droplets. All are crystallized in the Makeup Remover & Skin Balancing Water Beauty Thalissi. The 2 in 1 product helps gently cut through all the excess dirt, sebum, makeup and balance pH on your skin. Meanwhile, aloe vera extract is for long lasting effective moisturizing on skin, and for soft, smooth and glowing skin all day long; prevents your skin from  annoying dryness, rough, exploitation, cracking.


The 2 in 1 product helps:

+ Deep cleansing for skin: Completely removing makeup, sebum on skin, clearing away even tiny dirt, helping skin clean and free of clogged pores.

+ Moisture and pH balancing: Replenishing moisture during skin cleansing process, softening the skin's horn layer and helping balance pH on skin, creating a stable environment for healthy skin, which is a stepping stone for other skincare steps.

  • Matricaria chamomilla: Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Detoxifying, Deep cleansing for skin.
  • Aloe vera extract: Replenish high moisture, stimulate cell regeneration
  • Other ingredients:

Orange blossom oil, Sodium levulinate, Micell, Glycerin, Sodium anisate

100% natural ingredients: No mineral oil, aromatizer , parabens, wax ...

Safe for the most sensitive skin

- Pour product into cotton pad, gently remove dirt, sebum and makeup on your face.
- Repeat until your skin is completely clean. It is not necessary to rinse with water
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- Delivery time from 1-3 days.

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