THALISSI Powder Blush

Smoothing blush powder

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1,725,000 đ

Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích



- Thalissi F by breakthrough technology from Spain with micro powder micro powder structure which is able to associate with foundation particles and fresh, healthy and modern colors that will help face flushed, fresh and radiant all day long.

-This product is ideal for mixed skin or normal skin. Formulated with superior formula, ultra-fine and smooth pollen grains, if applied to the skin, it shall increase the adhesion, anti-drift before exterior impacts, bringing out great convenience to users.

- Simultaneously, moisturizing agents in the product helps smoothing skin, so when exposed to the skin, it creates a thin, smooth layer that looks very natural and lively, the face will become healthy and pinky.


Offering a naturally pinkish color to face

- Mica powder: smooth, stretch and twinkle

- Mineral water: moisturize

- Nylon - 12: create membrane coverage

- Silica: for smooth and firm skin

- Iron Oxides: natural mineral color.

100% natural ingredients: No mineral oil, aromatherapy, parabens, candle wax ...

Safe for even the most sensitive skin

* Take a sufficient amount to spread to the center of cheekbones. Be careful not to spread for too high or too low to the cheekbones.

* Spread chalk from the slanted cheekbones to the temples, facilitating a compact face

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