Removing wrinkles serum

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3,750,000 đ

Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích

- As an innovative therapy using the most advanced technology, Anti-Wrinkle Essence - Elixer is a superior product, bringing out an obvious wrinkle removal effect thanks to an unique combination of special active ingredients. BORWELL TOX® with marine microbial extracts and Pro - Vitamin B5

- Each drop of essence has the ability to penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin to help anti-aging to the bottom layer of cells, thereby protecting and stimulating new cell regeneration, providing optimal moisture to improve the elasticity for a smooth and glowing skin. Thanks to this mechanism, wrinkles and folds in the skin have been faded and disappeared.

- The product contains precious marine algae, soybean extract and protein from wheat that have anti-oxidant effect, improving the absorption of trace elements, preventing against the harmful effects of free cell bases, enhancing energy for skin, while providing the capability to effectively protect the skin, stimulating new cell formation as well as the synthesis of skin collagen, as a result, providing a powerful effect in filling wrinkles. .

- After crossing the age of 30 years, manifestations such as wrinkles, crow's feet, dry and rough skin, melasma will become clearer, tend to be severe at the age of 40 and 50 years. Apart from external causes such as diet, living, sleep time, genetic factors, pregnancy and childbirth (in women), surrounding environment, sunshine, cosmetics and aging, etc. the skin is also affected by the decrease of Collagen inside the body, therefore, Elixer is a perfect choice for your youthful skin, restoring the vitality and making the skin fresher and more radiant, extending the youthful beauty for women.


- Synthesis of skin collagen, thereby bringing out high efficiency in filling wrinkles. Removing wrinkles that appear on the skin instantly and prevents the acne’s formation

- Help rejuvenating the skin miraculously with long-term effect, penetrating the skin's middle layer, replenishing water, nourishing and regenerating skin.

- Protecting and stimulating new cell regeneration

- Providing optimum moisture to improve the elasticity, smoothing and stretching skin

- Enhancing energy for skin, preventing bad effects on skin, and providing effective protection for stem cell layer

- Nourishing and revitalizing the skin to make the face look younger and more radiant

  • Hyaluronic acid: Increase the cushioned tissues for skin
  • BORWELL TOX®: Fade the wrinkles
  • Ulva lactuca algae improve the regeneration of epidermis layer
  • Pelvatia Caniculata Algae improve the absorption of trace elements and antioxidants
  • Crithmum algae sooth the skin and prevent the effects of free radicals
  • Marine microorganisms help nourish skin cells
  • Willowherb: Anti-irritation
  • Wheat protein: Restore the skin elasticity
  • Soy extract: Enhance the energy for skin
  • Pro Vitamin B5: Protect and restore skin

- Take around 2-3 pushes into the palm, rub it and spread evenly to your face by pressure to allow the product to penetrate into the skin.

- Use daily in the morning and evening

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