Lighting powder

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Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích

- Multi-colored custom make up MOSAICO LIGHTENING that helps to brighten, smooth and make skin look radiant, full of vitality shall be the product that every girl desire to possess to complete the miraculous makeup process, embellish your ivory pearl skin.

-Multi-colored custom make up MOSAICO LIGHTENING creates a smooth, thin coating that helps skin become even and shiny, bringing out a harmonious and beautiful face while keeping skin surface dry, the skin color is even and healthy before the external factors such as smoke, sunlight etc.

-Extremely super-fine gold and pearl extract contributes to brightening the dark skin area, making the face become more even colored and vivid, offering a miraculous transformation for the poor skin with many defects Blemishes, -With a high-tech powder structure and the pearl's lighting feature, when applied powder to the skin, it helps quickly adhering to the surface, spreading evenly and concealing the blemishes on the face like pores big, wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc. Simultaneously, the blush powder is effective in absorbing excess oil, making the hairline clear. Thanks to that, when we use powder on a hot day, we still don't worry about sagging makeup or oily skin surface, causing any unpleasant or sticky feeling.


Create a smooth, radiant and transparent powder blush with golden and pearl components. Adjusting the skin pigmentation, offering even color for skin. Maximum sun protection, excess oil control, long-lasting makeup effect.

* Pinkish color for healthy skin

* Blue color covering the red pigment on the skin

* Purple diffusing lights to facilitate the radiance

* White color brightening the skin

* Silica: Nourish skin, help the skin to be smooth and firm

* Dimethicone; Help smooth and filling the wrinkles

* Titanium dioxide: Sun protection, white maintenance

* Iron Oxide: Natural mineral color

* Use the product brush to spread it all over the face

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(1 review)

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