Anti ageing serum

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Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích

- Melasma, freckles, wrinkles, dry, grainy skin, less vital skin, etc. which are signs of aging process. There are many causes of skin aging, typically as age, diet, stress, fatique, etc.

- With a new formula prepared in a special form of Pearl, Silk powder, marine microorganisms, the Pro complex essence will awaken the radiant glow for your skin, miraculously rejuvenating your skin with the long-term effect results. As soon as it is applied to the skin surface, the product quickly spreads and penetrates deeply into each cell, increasing the ability of skin regeneration, enhancing energy for all skin layers, offering a smooth, firm and healthy skin.

- High hydrolysed silk content can reduce deep wrinkles, skin surface becomes more elastic, soft and smooth.

- Pearl Powder in Pro complex containing 18 kinds of Amino Acid, rich in Calcium can bring out the anti-aging effect for the skin. In addition, it also supports the metabolism of cells to ensure the maintenance cycle of cells and skin regeneration.

- Given an extremely gentle structure that easily penetrates deep into the skin, especially not causing sticky feeling, Pro Complex revitalizing essence will instantly offer the vitality to the skin, increase the resistance, bring out a radiant youthful appearance like you haven't seen in years.


- Special treatment to enhance the cells’ energy & anti-aging effect

- For burnt skin, aging & tiredness, lack of vitality

- Reduce the wrinkles, and skin surface becomes firmer, softer & smoother.

- Support for the metabolism of cells, ensure the maintenance cycle of cells and revitalize the skin.

- Immediately revitalize the skin, make it becomes smooth and firm, increase the resistance.

- Skin becomes brighter, whiter & more radiant


• Grape leaf extract: Anti-oxidant and free radical effect

• Hydrolyzed silk extract: Increase the softness, brightens the skin

• Pearl powder: Brighten the skin

• Prolayer: Regenerate the skin layers

• Ulva Lactuca algae: Moisturize, soften and sooth the skin

• Crithmun Maritimum Algae: Restore the firmness & maintain the skin balance

• Marine microbial extracts: Increase the capability of nourishing and recovering

• Red Alga: Nourish and restor damaged skin

• Pennywort extract: Cell regeneration

• Serine: Provide nutrients for cells

• Linseed extract: Anti-irritation

• Pectin: Eliminate anti-aging free radicals

- Use after applying with toner. Take an amount of around 2 ml to spread evenly to your face and neck.

- Massage/pat gently to penetrate into the skin cells. Use for twice in each day 

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