Whitening day cream

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3,700,000 đ

Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích

- In fact, a bright white spotless skin will help women look much younger and more beautiful. Therefore, the habit of using a daily restorative and whitening cream is the secret to maintaining a fresh and radiant appearance over the years.

- This is the key to bring a smooth skin to who with a dark, and uneven skin, improve skin pigmentation

- Super-smooth cream formula easily penetrates nutrients to enhance brightness of the skin thanks to the integration of natural ingredients and marine microorganisms, help inhibit the dark pigmentation, prevent the formation Melanin pigmentation in the skin, increasing resistance for a healthy and illuminating skin.

- In addition, the ingredients in this whitening cream product also work actively to maintain and enhance natural moisture of the skin, protect natural skin, help skin be healthy and elastic, anti- aging. Smooth and fine cream will quickly penetrate into the skin and do not cause unpleasant sticky greasy feeling.


- Help restore and whiten the skin

- Inhibit the melamine formulation, help prevent the formation and development of brown spots on the skin

- Purify, anti-oxidant and anti-aging for a smooth and bright skin

  • Licorice root extract: Anti-oxidant, inhibit melanin synthesis
  • Crithmum Maritimum extract: smoothing, anti-free radicals
  • Corallina Officinalis (Pink algae): Anti-aging & skin protection
  • Pelvetia Canaliculata (Brown algae): Capillary circulation
  • Marine microorganisms: Provide moisture, nourish and lift up skin
  • Ulva Lactuca (Green Algae): Moisturise and smoothe skin.
  • Ascophyllum Nodosum: Prevent the damage,, restore damaged skin
  • Seaweed extract: Protect and restore skin cells from free radicals.
- Use after serum, take a sufficient amount of product to the palm, apply it on face and neck, massage gently to penetrate into the skin.

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