Foundation: smoothing, moisturizing, long-lasting

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Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích



* Always with a vision towards pure beauty with smooth, white and light skin like water, Satine light cream foundation makeup gently covers the thin layer on the skin surface, smoothing skin with a high coverage to bring back the perfect foundation without any adherence, greasy and oily, that will definitely enchant all girls

* Simultaneously, the composition of mineral water in the cream foundation helps maintaining deep moisture for smooth skin, offering the freshness, throughout the makeup process.

* Saltine light not only helps to beautify the woman's points, nourishes the smooth skin even applying makeup, bringing out the "natural spotless" foundation, effective color tone balance but also the ability to prevent from sunlights, offering the freshness and pure beauty to the skin


* Creates a smooth and soft foundation, offering your skin a clear, even and bright color,

* Sun protection, skin protection.

* Moisturizing, lasting long time.

* Pleasant, charming fragrance

* Mineral water: Balance and moisturize

* Nylon - 12: The coating is evenly applied to the skin color

* Stearic Acid: Vegetable fat facilitating the smoothness

* Titanium dioxide: Preventing from sunlights and whitening the skin

* Sodium Hyaluronate: Creating a smooth and soft foundation

* Use after skin care steps and lotions

* Take an adequate amount, use a brush or sponge to spread evenly across the face from the outside to the center of your face to limit chalky and sticky phenomenon.

* Tip: Spread to each facial area and then gently disperse, avoid evenly spotting all over before evenly dispersing 

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(1 review)

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