H&H – Vision & mission of brand

Feb 15, 2019
H&H – Vision & mission of brand

The goal is to help Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese women in particular keep the youth by using completely natural products, Non-toxic chemical products, the best quality and safest products by Ms. Dang Thanh Hang – President of Thanh Hang Group with The top Beauty and Health Care Clinic in Vietnam - Thanh Hang Beauty Medi.
That is also the motivation for Ms. Thanh Hang to establish H&H Import and Export Joint Stock Company (Healthy & Happy) - Functional food and beauty product chain, which commits 100% no chemicals and 100% import from Japan, Germany, Spain, etc.
Found from 2015, The H&H center system will appear around 64 provinces in Vietnam so as to bring the best comforts to all people favorite to the safe beauty, whereby contributing to the improvement of Vietnamese beauty.


Realizing that the beauty market in Vietnam has not been strictly managed, many toxic chemicals follow the way of functional foods and cosmetics creeping into each person's life, H&H chain was born to contribute to a healthy, beautiful, happy life and a comprehensive, safe and effective beauty process. At H&H, the beauty of customer will be shined from the inside physical health to the outside beauty: bright skin, smooth hair, firm and slim body...
Thoroughly understanding this concern and giving top priority to Vietnamese people’s health, H&H always endeavors to become the first prestigious destination customers choose upon demand of the freshest, safest, most efficient cosmetics and functional food, whereby contributing to helping Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese women in particular keep healthy, happy.


With hope of bringing the healthiness, bright skin, happy life to Vietnamese people, H&H commits to providing customers with top quality service and professional care with absolute satisfaction. 
Along with the reputation of Ms. Thanh Hang and the development of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi, in addition to the addresses in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Quang Ninh, Lao Cai… H&H will constantly grow and will soon available throughout the country.
Let H&H take care and help you look better, healthier, younger and to be as beautiful as you want.