Keep your youth forever with precious essence from nature

Dec 21, 2016
Keep your youth forever with precious essence from nature

Nature always contains many mysteries in the journey of beauty care for women. Not only bring standard body contours, many natural minerals, herbs also have the ability to resist the aging process, keep the skin be always full of vitality. Here are the materials that help women keep their youthful and radiant features.

24k gold essence

According to beauty experts, gold is one of the non-oxidizing materials, so it protects the skin against the effects of aging. Gold's nutrients penetrate deep into cells, helping to restore the structure of broken collagen and elastin, making the skin rejuvenate, eliminating wrinkles. In addition, gold stimulates, eliminates toxins, removes skin darkening cell melanoma to make skin white, bright and radiant..

24K gold essence is extracted by high-end natural cosmetic brand Thalissi (Spain) in Gold Foam 24K make-up remover cleanser product. With tiny gold particles penetrating deep inside, the skin is effectively cleaned without using makeup remover water. In particular, thanks to the power of gold, facial skin regains its firmness and is protected from aging agents.

Sản phẩm sữa rửa mặt tẩy trang tinh chất vàng Gold Foam 24K được bán tại Showroom H&H.

Gold Foam 24K gold essence make-up remover cleanser product is sold at Showroom H&H

Saffron - "red gold" of nature

Hiding behind fragile saffron flowers, the oriental medicinal masters discovered beauty benefits from small pistils. This is considered an effective solution against aging.

Essence from saffron pistil has the ability to repel the impact of the external environment to the facial skin, helping to remove dark spots and freckles. With natural anti-bacterial properties, saffron pistil also helps reduce acne and imperfections on woman's skin...

Saffron flowers only bloom once a year which last less than a month. To have a kilo of saffron pistil, the manufacturer will have to harvest with a huge amount, from 11 thousand to 17 thousand of flowers...So, saffron pistil is called "red gold" because of its luxury, rarity…

However, you can still find this flower to take care of your fragile skin with Thalissi brand saffron moisturizer product. Saffron essence combined with argan essential oil, grape seed extract, rose essential oil ... in the product will supplement nutrients to the skin, resist oxidative effects, help the skin glowing, youthful.

Bí kíp lưu giữ nét thanh xuân - kem dưỡng trẻ hóa da chiết xuất hoa nghệ tây - Thalissi Natural Gold Essence.

Secret to preserve youth - Skin rejuvenating lotion extracted from saffron flowers - Thalissi Natural Gold Essence

Pearl powder and marine microorganisms

Pearl powder works to regenerate skin, enhance collagen and elasticity, to help skin smooth, while blurring dark pigments on skin. In pearls, there are skin care nutrients with the ability to penetrate deep into 3 layers of epidermis.

Recently, scientists also discovered anti-aging secret from marine microorganism extract such as pink algae, brown algae, blue algae and red algae ... deep in the ocean floor.

Marine microorganism essence found in Thalissi's anti-aging serum products will penetrate deeply and quickly into the final layer of the skin, giving the skin enough moisture, firmness, increasing elasticity, preventing and blurring freckles and brown spots effectively. The skin will become smooth and radiant immediately after use.

Ngọc trai và vi sinh vật biển được bào chế dưới dạng tinh chất để thẩm thấu, giúp da săn chắc, chống lại tàn nhang, đồi mồi.

Pearls and marine microorganisms are prepared in the form of essences to penetrate, help skin be firm, fight freckles, liver spots.

From rare natural materials, in the beauty care journey, scientists of high-end cosmetic brand Thalissi (Spain) constantly discovered and nursed quintessential nutrients to preserve women's youth. Besides expensive materials, Thalissi also combines skin care with herbs such as almond essential oil, rose essence, grape seed essence...

All raw materials of Thalissi famous in the cosmetic industry are grown in the Murcia land, where has a rich source of minerals and ideal soil conditions for medicinal herbs.