Nourishing spray stimulates hair growth

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- Strong, thick, floating hair like “jewellery” embellishes the charm and elegance for each person. Therefore, when there is hair fall, making hair become thin would cause worry not only for women but for men as well.

- Tennenbi hair fall control lotion is a product of Tennebi hair care 3-item set from sun rising kingdom made by breakthrough technology - a delicate creation of award-winning Japanese scientists at the 7th Hair World Competition. It helps provide nutrients for weak, dry, brittle and damaged hair; deeply nourishes hair follicles, prevents hair fall and make your hair thick and silky.

- The product consists of the active ingredient of microalgae - a special algae living in natural hot mineral springs only in Japan, helping replenish moisture and nutrients and restoring hair structure, for healthy hair from deep inside. This is an expensive and rare top-quality medicine that is highly appreciated by Japanese health experts to effectively nourish hair thickly and prevent hair lost at best.

- Tennenbi hair fall control lotion helps to nourish the scalp, and hair roots, helps each strand of hair become healthy, restores hair texture, prevents damage on scalp and hair, helps hair shiny.

- Tennenbi hair lotion is the perfect choice for recovering and nourishing healthy hair in long term.


* Restore hair problems for elastic hair, reduce brittle hair.

* Protect your scalp and help to bring smooth and soft hair.

* Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract: Stimulate hair regeneration and restoration

* Hydrolyzed collagen: Replenish moisture, elastic for hair

* Sheep Placenta (Placenta protein): Stimulate hair growth, help hair silky

* Porphyra yezoensis: Control hair fall

* Tremella fuciformis polysaccharide: Excellent moisturizing ability of 1.7 times compared to Hyaluronic acid and 450 times compared to water

* Glycerin: Sooth and reduce irritation

* Free from silicon, alcohol, preservatives, synthetic perfumes, colorings

* Use after hair washing. Spray the product directly onto the scalp and hairline then massage gently.

* Use twice a day (Morning and Evening)

* Tip: It is recommended to use before and after each hair curling, dyeing to help reduce  hair and scalp damage.

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(3 reviews)

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