Tennenbi Immunity & Moisture

Whitening serum

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2,695,000 đ

Origin: Nhật Bản
Dung tích

- Tennenbi whitening cream from Japan is a great treatment to wake up your bright white skin, embellish your pearl skin and that’s why thousands of people love this

-Your skin will be moisturized deeply thanks to its unique formula and natural ingredients along with dissolved vitamins, essence from aloe vera leaves which can help whiten, smooth your skin, more evenly colored, quickly repel brown spots, improve your skin tone,

-Each drop of essence will enhance the penetration into the skin cells to further protect against dull and darkening skin while enhancing the regeneration capacities of your skin, replacing dark and lifeless skin with white, radiant and youthful skin. On the other hand, hydrolyzed collagen will give your skin a firmer, more radiant appearance, and improve skin's elasticity.


* Nourish and help achieve white, pinkish-glowing skin

* Even your skin color, cover brown spots, dark spots

* Lock in moisture, maintain the ideal moisture for your skin

* Glycerin: soothes and reduces skin irritation

* Vitamin B7: Has anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and wound healing effects

* Vitamin C: brightens your skin, stimulates collagen production

* Allantoin: Stimulates the cell regeneration and soothes your irritated skin, reduces redness

* Aloe plant essence: Provides moisture to your skin

* Hydrolyzed collagen: anti-oxidation and skin aging

- No additives, no flavoring, no mineral oil, no coloring agents

* Use after applying with toner, take a sufficient amount of product to spread evenly to your face skin, gently massage so it shall allow the product to quickly penetrate into the skin cells.

* Daily use (morning and evening)

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