Lotion mist

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Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích

- For a long time, Acqua Termale mineral spray seems to have become an indispensable necessity for women and a savior for the year round skin care, from a cold, dry winter or a hot summer. Acqua Termale mineral spray helps you quickly regain moisture to your skin, bring your skin's pH back into balance. If your skin or spirit shows any sign of fatigue, just use mineral spray, you will feel like "watering" your skin as well as refreshing your spirit.

- Acqua Termale is such an instant water supply solution that quickly soothes your dry, chapped and lifeless skin, reduces the tightness, redness and irritation on your skin, maintaining smooth moisture and brightness for your skin. The valuable vitamins and minerals contained in the product will penetrate and regenerate your skin, offer a smooth, soft, firm and elastic appearance to nourish the skin cells inside to be healthier, increasing the resistance against external pathogens such as dirts, polluted air, climate and sun.

- This is a product with mild and safe properties for your skin, including sensitive skin. Acqua Termale helps maintaining the pleasant fragrance for your spirit to be more refreshing and energetic during the use.

- Especially, mineral water can be used as a mixed solution for all types of mask.


- Instantly supply with water, balance, soothe, cool and soften your skin.

- Increase the absorption and metabolism thanks to beneficial ingredients for skin recovery

- Nourish your skin, increase the firmness and elasticity.

- Supplement with vitamins and minerals, enhance the skin resistance to soothe the irritation conditions.

- Pleasant and seductive fragrance for relaxing, reducing the tiredness or fatique.

Rich in sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium, and other trace elements with a total of 20 types of minerals

- Spray on all areas of your skin in need of care, the product is suitable for irritated and sensitive skin

- It can be combined when using as a mixed solution for all types of masks


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