Skin nourising cream extracted from saffron

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Origin: Tây Ban Nha
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* Regenerating cream extracted from saffron flowers - Natural Gold Essence  50ml

- Pioneering in the anti-aging method, Cleopatra Queen used saffron ingredients to preserve her beauty. Until now, scientists have applied the most advanced technology to bring precious mixture of saffron flowers and argan oil into Natural gold essence to create extraordinary anti-aging cosmetics.

- Thalissi Natural Gold Essence will accelerate the process of skin regeneration, prevent skin aging process, lift the skin, remove pigmentation and fill wrinkles, regenerate the skin and bring about a fresh, stunning and moist dreamy skin. At the same time, saffron ingredients contains abundant vitamins and precious minerals that will add moisture for a smooth skin and restore the plumper skin, lighten the tanning skin, prevent inflammation and bacteria to prevent skin damage, protect healthy and fresh skin along with the time.

- Mixture of Argan essential oils, roses, rosehip, Jojoba and sesame seeds will enhance the moisturizing performance against the phenomenon of dry, dull, cracking, offering a soft and smooth skin, as well as improving function of skin cells, enhance the reproduction of collagen and Eslatin to lift the skin, quickly remove wrinkles. The yeast extract and pearl powder contain a rich nutrient content that will nourish the skin deely, making the skin bright and healthy to prevent aging signs.

- Skin regeneration cream extracted from saffron flower Thalissi Natural Gold Essence is formulated as a thick texture, when applied to the skin will quickly spread and penetrate deep into the middle layer. After waking up every morning, your skin is cared as a king, giving a beautiful and shining skin.

* Eye lip rejuvenation serum 30ml

-  Early aging causes the appearance of wrinkles from shallow to deep, wrinkles and puffiness under the eye, less elastic skin to create wrinkles on the corners of the eyes ... Don't let that phenomenon with your eyes, because they will make you look so much older.

- Eye rejuvenating cream is the most elaborate creation of the Thalissi Spain laboratory, which contains specialized and precious essences to help reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles in the delicate area of eyes and lips.

- This is the most desirable product for the skin seeking to resist the massive attack of aging process over time and the aging effects caused by stress and fatigue.

- Aging signs around the eyes and lips will be blown away quickly thanks to the antioxidant effect, returning youthful eyes and lips that are always full and charming


* Saffron flower cream:

- Strong anti-aging effect 3 times higher than salmon eggs, increase the antioxidant effect and the skin resistance thanks to ingredients in grape seeds, sesame seeds and soy beans.

- Regenerate, renew cells, remove wrinkles and blur scars.

- Firm skin, remove melasma and fill wrinkles

- Restore youthful skin, replenishes moisture to the skin, and rejuvenate plump skin, brightens dull skin.

- Moisturize with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria effects to prevent skin from damages

* Eye and lip rejuvenation essence:

- The essence helps reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

- Increases skin regeneration, restoration and antioxidant.

- Brighten the skin around the eyes, improve lip tones.

- Cream extracted from saffron cream

  • Saffron flower extract: Anti-aging, skin regeneration
  • Argan Oil: Regenerate the skin, blur scar, remove wrinkles
  • Jojoba vegetable oil: Nourishe and protect the skin cells
  • Allantoin: Regenerate the skin, anti- irritation
  • Soy bean extract: Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Yeast extract: Nourish cells
  • Sesame seed oil: Natural antioxidant
  • Rosehip oil: Prevent wrinkles
  • Glycoproteins: be elastic, increase skin cell energy
  • Grape seed extract: strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory


- Eye rejuvenation essence:

  • Pearl Powder: bring about a bright and smooth skin
  • Marine microbial extracts: provide moisture, nutrition
  • Oat extract: soften and brighten the skin
  • Rice extract: Cell rejuvenation
  • Clove grass extract: collagen synthesis, purification
  • Licorice root extract: anti-aging
  • Soybean extract: provide nutrients, regenerate the skin cells
  • Ginkgo extract: anti-inflammatory, anti-congestion
  • Hot mineral water and Vitamin B7: lift up the skin

* Eye and lip rejuvenation essence:

- Use after the toner. Apply a small amount of essence on the eyes and corners of the lips

- Massage with cold ice gently around the eye contour in the figure 8 from the inside out. Apply in the morning & evening.

*  Skin rejuvenating cream - saffron flower:

  - Use after essence. Take 1 amount of about 1g. Apply an amount of cream to face and neck.

Massage gently to penetrate into the skin. Use once a day, best in the evening.

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