White Nursing, Prevent dark spots and burnt kind

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Origin: Nhật Bản
Dung tích

Daishiro Stem Cell mask produced by breakthrough technology from Japan, extracted from fermented stem and placental - the two most advanced and expensive beauty ingredients, gives you a fresh, smooth and flawless skin.

Daishiro Stem Cell mask with White Nursing, Prevent dark spots and burnt, Specially producted for inborn broken-color, dark-tanned skin or affected by the sun, helps skin glow bright and flawless skin.

- Recover the sunburt skin

- Nourishes naturally bright white skin, make the colour equation skin

- Prevent the formation of brown spots, dark spots, burnts, under the action of UV rays in the sun

- Enhance the moisture content, remove sebum, make pores tighten and prevent acne

- Fermented stem cells and fermented placenta

- Vitamin C extraction

- Natural active ingredients

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(1 review)

Daishiro white rất hiệu quả


Tôi dùng thử mặt nạ Daishiro dòng Dưỡng Trắng và cảm thấy cực kỳ thích. Da trắng hồng rạng rỡ chỉ sau 2 tuần sử dụng. Giờ đây tôi đi làm chỉ cần thoa kem chống nắng và một chút son môi là đã rất tự tin rồi

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