Nov 30, 2016

Before becoming an enrichment "treasure" of Iran, saffron flower was first discovered in the land of the Greek mythology. This fragile flower conquered the royal world here because of not only its pure beauty but also marvelous secrets hidden in each red pistil. Saffron pistil has a strange scent! A little rustic of dry grass, a little sweet of honey and a little unconventional of metal... Its scent makes every sense immediately awakened by a single soft touch!

Hoa nghệ tây được mệnh danh đắt như “vàng đỏ” vì công dụng tuyệt vời dành cho làn da

Saffron flower is known as expensive as "red gold" because of its great use for skin

The Greek oriental medicinal masters discovered incredible beauty benefits from small pistils, which are likened to a "panacea" with the ability to supplement air, enhance blood circulation, regulate menstruation and fight the aging process. Essence from saffron pistil has the ability to repel the impact of the external environment to the facial skin, helping to remove dark spots and freckles. With natural anti-bacterial properties, this kind of "panacea" also helps reduce acne and imperfections on woman's skin...

During more than 45 years of assuming the mission to protect the beauty, the youth of women, Thalissi high-end natural cosmetic brand of Spain has nursed precious essence from saffron pistil into the Natural Gold Essence moisturizer product.

Sản phẩm kem dưỡng da chiết xuất từ hoa nghệ tây của Thalissi được phân phối và bán tại showroom H&H (Healthy & Happy)

Thalissi's moisturizer product extracted from saffron is distributed and sold at showroom H&H (Healthy & Happy)

Behind every box of saffron cream with yellow color with authority, is a story full of feats and meticulousness. Red pistils must be harvested in the sunshine, the time when saffron flowers are most blooming. Each flower has only 4 pistils, meanwhile, to have a kilo of saffron, the manufacturer will harvest with a huge amount, from 11 thousand to 17 thousand of flowers... Saffron flowers only bloom once a year which last less than a month. Therefore, although the agricultural sector is constantly developing, the essence of saffron is still the most luxurious and rare material in the cosmetic industry. It is no coincidence that saffron pistil is considered red gold of nature.

Kem dưỡng trẻ hóa da Natural Gold Essence với chiết xuất từ hoa nghệ tây được ví như “vàng đỏ”

Natural Gold Essence Skin Rejuvenating Lotion with saffron flower extract is likened to "red gold"

Precious red pistils are extracted in the form of essence in Natural Gold Essence moisturizer so they quickly spread and penetrate deep into the dermis, improving and restoring damaged cells, thereby increasing resistance and protecting skin against oxidative effects. Besides saffron pistil, Natural Gold Essence also contains argan essential oil extract, grape seed extract, rose, eglantine essential oil... supplementing optimal nutrients for skin. All-natural ingredients makes this moisturizer suitable for the most sensitive and fastidious skin.

Khách hàng tìm hiểu và mua sản phẩm kem dưỡng da Natural Gold Essence tại showroom H&H – Số 3 Hàng Khay, Hà Nội.

Customers can learn and buy Natural Gold Essence moisturizer product at H&H showroom - No. 3 Hang Khay, Hanoi.

Saffron - red gold moisturizer's use is maximized when it comes to Serum Longevity essence, with ingredients including pearl powder, marine microorganism extract, oat, soy, hot mineral... Thalissi has donated this royal essence along with Natural Gold Essence product to make beauty believers feel perfect beauty course, eliminating traces of time. Every morning when you wake up, you can gently touch your skin to feel precious essences from nature penetrate and nourish your gentle skin, help your skin look fresh, bright from inside!