Skin burn under the sun 40 degrees - No longer a worry with secret from Japan

Aug 07, 2018
Skin burn under the sun 40 degrees - No longer a worry with secret from Japan

Hot sun peaks for a long time cause skin to deteriorate quickly. To save "white, smooth, silky" skin this summer, do not ignore Tennenbi skin care secret from Japan!


The "nightmare" of melasma, tanning, dry skin and black skin appear when summer begins. No matter how hard you try to shield, protect the sun, or perform continuous moisturization ... your skin is still seriously damaged by unbearable heat.

Even so, do not sit there to resent the weather, try to change your skin care method! Tennenbi's skin care secret from Onsen hot mineral water and hydrolyzed Collagen will be a "good candidate" to help protect your skin perfectly in the fiery summer like this year, with its effects of smooth white skin care, maximum moisture supply to skin and skin care to be always "white, smooth, silky" to challenge all kinds of weather.

Optimized three-effect beauty and skin care process integrated in one cleaning product

This is the "great way" for lazy girls who still want to have the desired skin. Skin whitening cleanser Tennenbi Wash & Milk Pack is a special cleaning product that integrates three effects: makeup removing cleansing and instant moisturizing.

Water-based skin whitening cleanser Tennenbi is prepared from Onsen hot mineral water and hydrolyzed Collagen, non-foam, extremely benign and absolutely not causing dry skin after use.

The Product says no to mechanical makeup removing. You do not need to massage to remove thick layer of makeup, dust and excess oil, but just gently wipe or wash like normal cleanser, minimizing the impact on the skin, causing itching, redness, irritation ... Removes makeup according to the dissolving mechanism and pushes the waste under the pores to the skin surface. Just remove makeup, gently clean but still be effective.

Skin whitening cleanser Tennenbi is an instant moisture mask for skin. After removing makeup and washing your face with water, apply a thin layer of skin whitening cleanser to balance moisture. The Product is equivalent to tonner, helps balance the pH on the skin and protects the skin to be always smooth, silky, without worrying about "thirsty skin" in hot weather over 40 degrees Celsius.

With only one cleaning product, 2 usage stages, you can "cheat" up to 3 stages in a beauty process: makeup removing, cleansing, skin balance, both saving cost, time and achieving skin care effect than expected.

Perfected beauty process for skin on hot sunny day with skin whitening serum Tennenbi Immunity & Moisture with extremely fast permeability, extremely good effect

This is the "universal key" that opens the beautiful door of Japanese women. Vietnamese women also do not hesitate to keep their own youthful key!

Skin care product Tennenbi Immunity & Moisture carries essential nutrients to the skin, affects the skin structure, smooths and softens the skin, and prevents melanin formation, blurs dark spots and effectively whitens the skin.

In particular, despite hot sun above 40 degrees, skin whitening serum Tennenbi provides an ideal moisture for dry skin; soothes, cools and restores sunburned skin; helps skin be bright, naturally smooth and hinders aging process from deep inside.

With a unique formula from Japanese Onsen hot mineral water and hydrolyzed Collagen and a remarkable improvement in the preparation process, two products of Tennenbi skin whitening cleanser and Tennenbi skin whitening serum can replace most skin care steps. You will no longer feel uncomfortable when using a variety of cosmetics but still achieve the desired skin care effect.

Certainly, Tennenbi product set will be a companion for women to protect their "white, smooth, silky" skin throughout the summer!