Confidentiality policy

This confidentiality policy declares the way that Healthy & Happy Import Export and Distribution Company (hereinafter referred to as “Shop” or “We”) collects, stores and processes private information or data (“private information”) from our customers via the Internet. Healthy & Happy commits to keep our customers’ information secret, simultaneously, tries the utmost and utilizes the proper methods so that the information provided by the customers in the use of Internet is secured and protected from unauthorized access. However, the Shop cannot make sure to prevent all unauthorized access. In case of such unauthorized access out of our control, the Shop does not assume the responsibility in any way to any claim, dispute or damage arising from or relating to such unauthorized access.

In order to understand the policy more in the collection, storage and use of private information from website users, please read the following policy of confidentiality:

1. Purpose and scope of private information collection

In order to access and use some services at, it is possible that you would be required to register private information with us (Email, Full name, Contact number, etc.). All declared information must be ensured the accuracy and legality. The Website does not assume the responsibility to the law about the declared information.

Also, we could collect the information of visit numbers including page numbers you have visited, link numbers you have clicked and others pertaining to the connection with the Website We also collect the information of web browser you use in reaching, including: IP address, Browser type, language of use, time and addresses to which the Brower accesses.

2. Scope of information use collects and uses your private information for the proper purpose and absolutely complies with the content of this policy of “Confidentiality”. As necessary, we could use this information to contact with you directly in the manners such as: sending the open letter, purchase order, letter of thanks, specification and confidentiality, etc.

3. Duration of information storage will the private information provided by customers in our internal systems during the service provision to customers or until completion of collection purpose or when customers request the cancellation of information provided.

4. Address of private information collection and management unit

H&H Distribution and Import Export ., JSC - Healthy & Happy is the unit who collects, stores and processes the private information or data (“Private Information”) from its customers via website http://

5. Means and tools by which users access and correct their private data

In any time, you could also access and correct your private information through proper links provided.


6. Commitment of confidentiality to customers’ private information

We commit to keep your private information secret in possible ways. We would apply a lot of different confidentiality technologies in order to protect this information against unexpected search, use or disclosure. It is recommended that you should keep the information relating to your access password secret and not share it with any one. If sharing the computer with many persons, you should log out or exit all website windows being opened.


Using “Cookie” uses "Cookie" to personalize and optimize your efficiency of online time use. A cookie is a text file which is put in your hard disk by a website server. It is not allowed for cookie to run the program or pass virus into your computer. Cookie is nominated to store in your computer and only read by that website.



One of Cookie’s purposes is to provide the utilities to save your time when accessing the website or visiting it again without re-registration of available information.

You can accept or refuse cookie’s use. Most of Browsers automatically accept cookie, but you can change the settings to refuse all cookie if you want. However, if you choose to refuse cookie, that will interrupt and adversely influence on some dependent services and functions on cookie at the website

Regulation of “Spam” actually concerns Spam, fraudulent emails on behalf of us for delivery. Therefore, http:// affirms that we send emails to you only when you have registered or used the services from our system. commits to not sell, re-hire or hire out your email from the third party. If you unintentionally get an email that is not required by our system due to an unexpected reason, please click the link to refuse the receipt of this email attached or directly notice to the website management.


Sharing private information

Except cases of private information use as mentioned herein, we commit to not disclose your private information.

In some cases, we could hire an independent unit in order to carry out market research projects and at that time, your information would be provided to this unit for the execution of that project. This third party would be bound by an agreement of confidentiality which they are only used the provided information for the purpose of project completion. We could disclose or provide your private information in essential cases such as: (a) upon request of legal agencies; (b) in case that it is believed that this would help us protect our duly rights to the law; (c) urgent and essential situations to protect private safety right of other http:// members.



7. Change of policy

The content of this policy of “Confidentiality” could be changed in accordance with’s needs as well as customers’ demands and feedbacks if any. In updating the content of this policy, we shall revise the above “The last update” time.


The content of this policy of “Confidentiality” only applies at, excluding or relating to the third parties who order the advertising or have the link at Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully read and reference to the content of policy of “Confidentiality” of each website you have accessed.

8. Contact details

We always welcome your recommendations, connections and comments with regard to this policy of “Confidentiality”. If you have further questions, please contact to the email address:


I. Payment:

In order to make the payment process flexible, Healthy & Happy offers 2 payment methods to you as follows:

COD method: With this method, you will make payment by cash directly to shippers upon the receipt of products.

II. Delivery:

Delivery fee in each area as follows:

1. Hanoi, HCM, Quang Ninh, Can Tho:

- Free in charge

- Within the internal city, deliver the goods immediately in the day, within the external city, deliver them in 1-2 days

2. Provinces & Cities

-  Free in charge

- The delivery time is 3-5 days


Please carefully read the content of Policy of Return at Healthy & Happy to enjoy the cosmetic shopping service in the best complete manner!

hinhanhimess Time of getting return request

After the receipt, customers are entitled to consider and request the product return within 24 working hours. Healthy & Happy has the right to refuse getting all your return requests arisen after that said time. The time of return is relied on staff notes in the delivery note or postal stamp for sending to the province.

hinhanhimess Time of processing return request

After customers notify Healthy & Happy of the return request, within 3 – 5 next days, please return the product to be returned and the difference of money (if any – upon return) to Healthy & Happy. After this time, if we have not got the product to be returned and the difference of money (if any) yet, your return request would be cancelled

Healthy & Happy would return you the new product or refund the money within 2 – 3 working days from getting the product to be returned from customers.

hinhanhimess Conditions of return

Customers who buy the products at Healthy & Happy are returned within 24 hours (as of the receipt of goods) in the following cases:

  • The product is different from the description on the website or fanpage, the number of product is insufficient compared to the purchase order made.
  • The product has no sign of spent one, original stamp, brand, manufacturer seal and gift (if any).
  • The product is not under the list of items without return. (sale-off, promotional, event gift, etc.)
  • Customers must present the invoice at Healthy & Happy upon feedback and apply the policy of return in the instructions.

hinhanhimess Method of refund

The refund is made by the bank account. The time of refund completions: is 5 – 7 working days. However, the bank procedure could spend 1 – 2 days to be displayed the refund money in your bank account.

Note: The method of bank transfer only applies in case the refund money is worth of above VND 1,000,000.

hinhanhimess Return due to Healthy & Happy’s fault

Healthy & Happy’s staffs would get the product to be returned at your address on the agreed time. In other provinces and cities, customers return the products to Healthy & Happy’s address at our branches.