Mask helps to brighten dull dark spots from 24K gold powder

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Origin: Tây Ban Nha
Dung tích

- Cleopatra - the top well-known female Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, who possesses eternal  beauty and elegance was famous for using gold in her skin care routine. Nowadays, women around the world can use the 24k Thalissi gold mask and desire for a captivating beauty like Cleopatra.

-Thalissi Gold Mask 24K is one of the outstanding successes of beauty science with the ability to improve skin structure, optimize the ability to rejuvenate the skin owing to the components of 24K gold powder combined with pearl powder, kaolin, zinc oxide, algae, Vitamin C... stimulate metabolism, proliferate new skin cells for regenerating skin so healthy that it glows, detoxifying skin, reducing oil and dirt to prevent acne, minimize pores, anti-aging and brighten dull skin.

- 24k gold powder of the mask is made of super smooth texture, thanks to the application of Nanotechnology, which will deeply penetrate into skin right after being applied. Pure gold will creep into each skin layer to restore damaged skin cells, meanwhile, regenerate skin cells, enhance natural collagen production and improve blood circulation under the skin. As a result, skin turns firm, rosy, bright white, full of energy and naturally smooth. Especially, skin lesions are quickly healed.

- In addition, there is pearl powder in the mask, with abundant nutrient inhibiting Melanin formation  to protect bright white skin, erasing melasma and dark spots quickly. Pearl powder also upgrade skin resilient level through mechanisms stimulating the proliferation of Collagen and Elastin, fast removing wrinkles, eliminating free radicals to effectively reduce oxidation, anti-aging.

- Meanwhile, Kaolin and Vitamin C in the mask have the effect of limiting the appear of dull and lifeless skin, revitalizing bright white skin with refreshness and energy. Zinc oxide will remove sebum, dirt to release pores, minimize pores to create smoothness for your skin.


- Slim down facial contours, speed up metabolism and boost collagen  production and recovery.

- Reduce the appear of dull, fatigue, lifeless skin. Restore bright white for your skin, making it becomes firm, soft and smooth.

- Antioxidant, anti-aging and protect skin from harmful factors from outside.

- Help remove toxins, detoxify skin and minimize pores. Prevent the formation of acne.

- Quickly heal skin lesions.

- Zinc oxide help shrink pores.

- Bring comfort and relaxation right after the first application.

* Mix 7g (for face), 30g (for body) with warm water at a ratio of 1: 1

* Apply on skin about 15 minutes then rinse well with water

* For external use once a week
  • 24K Gold Powder stimulate cell regeneration activities.
  • Pearl Powder enhance the whiteness of the skin
  • Vitamin C be powerful antioxidant, stimulate the metabolism & production of Collagen fibers
  • Pearl pigments erase dark spots on the skin
  • Kaolin restrict the phenomenon of dull, lifeless skin
  • Zinc Oxide minimize pores.

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